which has troubled humanity for over 2000 years,may finally have a chance of being treated or even cured

The root cause of diabetes lies in the death of Beta cells, which are responsible for secreting insulin. Most diabetes medications aim to control blood sugar by regulating other organs, thereby slowing the progression of the disease. However, the small molecule drug PS1, developed by Arayz Biotech, targets the prevention of Beta cell death. This allows the body to produce sufficient insulin on its own, enabling the natural regulation of blood sugar levels.

Pharamasaga is a drug discovery and development company. We aim to develop novel anti-diabetic small-molecule drugs that can treat and reverse diabetes. Pdia4 was identified as a therapeutic target that promotes beta-cell failure and diabetes. By combining molecular docking, chemical synthesis and bioassays, Pdia4 inhibitors were developed as first-in-class drugs that can preserve beta cell mass and function and treat and reverse diabetes.

One of Pdia4 inhibitor, PS1, was approved by US FDA for its IND in 2022.

Diabetes has been shown to be caused by the loss and function of Beta cells (β-cells) in pancreatic islets, which are regions of the pancreas that contain hormone-producing cells. Yang Wen-chin (楊文欽) and his team at Academia Sinica's Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center (ABRC) have discovered through experiments on mice that the protein-coding gene, Pdia4 (Protein Disulfide Isomerase Family A Member 4), is responsible for the destruction of β-cells and that inhibiting this gene can prevent and even reverse the loss of such cells.

Nutrient overload increases oxidative stress (e.g., ROS) in beta cells. Consequently, ROS causes beta-cell dysfunction and death and, in turn, type 2 diabetes (T2D). Of note, Pdia4 was first identified as a central player that controls ROS production in beta cells. Conversely, a Pdia4 inhibitor, PS-001, can preserve beta cell mass and function and, subsequently, reverse diabetes. This preservation involves novel mechanism - inhibition of Pdia4-mediated ROS production pathways.

Taiwanese scientists have discovered a key mechanism that causes diabetes and developed a new drug treatment that could "fully reverse" the disease, according to reports.

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